Little Elm MapNorth Central Texas, USA.
The Town of Little Elm is located in north central Texas, in Denton County, which is part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Little Elm is located on the eastern shores of Lewisville Lake being approximately 30 miles north of downtown Dallas, via the North Dallas Tollway or SH 121 and FM 423. Major highway service to Little Elm includes US 380, FM 720 and FM 423.  By the year 2014 the Eldorado Parkway link from Interstate 35 through Little Elm to the North Dallas Tollway will be complete. In the northern portion of Little Elm,  U.S. Highway 380 is a major east west link between Denton and McKinney.


The National Climatic Data Center describes the general Dallas-Fort Worth climate as humid subtropical with hot summers.  The weather is continental, characterized by a wide annual temperature range

Precipitation ranges from less than 20 inches to more than 50 inches. Rainfall occurs throughout the year with periods of rainy weather lasting only a day or two followed by several days of fair skies.  Hail falls on about two or three days a year. Thunderstorms, activity with occasional heavy rainfall, occur most frequently in the spring.  Winters are mild but northerners occur and often are accompanied by sudden drops in temperatures.  Snowfall is rare.
Average last occurrence of 32 degrees or below is mid March.
Average first occurrence of 32 degrees or below is in late November.
January mean minimum is 30 degrees.

Summer has the highest temperatures with low humidity.  Hot spells are broken into 3 to 5 day periods with thunderstorm activity.  Only few nights each summer have low temperature exceeding 80 degrees.  Daytime temperatures frequently exceed 100 degrees. July mean maximum is 94 degrees.  Growing season is 226 days.

Elevations and Land Areas:

Little Elm is primarily four peninsulas of Lewisville Lake.  The topography is reasonably level with elevations varying from Lake Elevation at 522 feet to a maximum of 596 feet.  One hundred year flood elevation is 537 feet for Lewisville Lake.

Little Elm, including several recent annexations, is approximately 11,998.05 acres or 18.75 square miles.  There are 6,200 acres of Little Elm or 53% of the Town within Lewisville Lake and 66.39 miles of shoreline.