The Retail Trade Demographics for Little Elm have drastically changed in the past twenty years. This tremendous growth has provided increased opportunities that are yet to be realized. The Retail Trade Maps below provide a business considering Little Elm tremendous insight into our potential.

  • Retail leakage occurs when actual sales within a retail trade area are less than its potential sales.
  • Retail surplus, on the other hand, occurs when actual sales within a retail trade area are greater than its potential sales.
  • Retail leakage and surplus figures are used to identify the relative health of a community’s retail market.
  • Retail Gap Analysis Notes

Retail potential graphicRetail potential graphic


In some markets, two particular situations may appear to be discrepancies when they occur in a Retail Gap Analysis. First, the amount exhibited for a particular SIC sector’s estimated actual sales may be lower (sometimes significantly so) than expected. In these circumstances, the retailers have often reported sales figures under a different SIC code. For example, some Women’s Clothing Stores (SIC 562) may in fact report sales figures under Family Clothing Stores (SIC 565), etc. The second situation arises when the amount exhibited for a particular SIC sector’s estimated actual sales is reported as $0, even though there are known retailers in a market operating under that SIC code. When there are only two or three retailers in that market reporting under that SIC code, the numbers are often reported as $0 to protect each retailer’s proprietary financial information.

For example, if there were two retailers in a market operating under a specific SIC code, and total estimated actual sales were listed, either retailer could extrapolate its competitor’s estimated actual retail sales figures by deducting its own figures from the total listed for that SIC code.