The Little Elm Economic Development Corporation is implementing a dine-out voucher rebate program to help local Little Elm businesses!

This process will work by the EDC distributing $25 vouchers to the mailbox of Little Elm residents. Residents then have the opportunity to redeem this voucher at participating Little Elm restaurants.

If your favorite business is not participating in the program, you can have these vouchers redeemed by bringing the voucher and an attached receipt of your purchase to the Little Elm Economic Corporation.

The minimum purchase when using the voucher is $25.

FAQ’s regarding the program:

How do we know what restaurants we can use the voucher at?
The voucher can be used at ANY Little Elm restaurant, however if they are not participating, the customer must pay the $25 upfront and then save the voucher and the receipt of the purchase ($25 minimum). The EDC will refund you by check.

I am a customer that needs to be reimbursed. What do I do?
Turn both your voucher and a copy of your receipt into the utility drop box at Little Elm Town Hall. Be sure to include your name, phone number and address. You will receive a check by mail from the Little Elm Economic Development Corporation.

Is my neighborhood included in the disbursement of vouchers?
As of now, the vouchers are being mailed to every address within Little Elm city limits. If you do not receive one within the first shipment, please be patient as we look into shipping the vouchers to outside area codes.