Ken EakenKen had family members move to Shell Beach in Little Elm from the Chicago area in 2015, visiting them numerous times from Dallas, he and his wife became taken with the “Lake Attitude” and bought the house next door. Little Elm became home and he was intrigued and impressed with the efforts the community makes to grow and prosper but maintain the small town feel. He wanted to help and get to know the team that made this happen. That led him to the EDC.

Ken is also newly elected Vice President of the Shell Beach HOA, has been the founder and President/CEO of two companies in Geographic Information Systems, and has a diverse background in executive management from the world of advertising, point of sale technology to air transportation sales and operations. Ken has traveled the world on business and lived coast to coast.  He believes his background and experience is an attribute to help growing the town while keeping the small town feel.

Ken is an accomplished Voice Actor. From Broadcast to Cable, CBS to Netflix, many have come to recognize the voice. But what you didn’t know is that Ken has become a voice you hear in the world of Transportation, from fastening your seatbelt on a flight from Beijing, to travelling from LAX to Anaheim on the Disneyland Express!

Now he’s doing this from the town with the “Lake Attitude”!