Jennette Killingsworth

Jennette Espinosa
Executive Director
Little Elm EDC

Congratulations to Jennette Espinosa on her recent appointment to the Texas Economic Development Council’s board of directors. Jennette has served as an active and integral member of TEDC for many years. It is a huge honor to have a representative from Little Elm on the Board. She will be officially elected at the board meeting to be held at the 2013 Annual Conference on Friday, October 18th, 2013.

The Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) is an Austin-based, statewide, non-profit professional association dedicated to the development of economic and employment opportunities in Texas. It is the largest state association of economic development professionals, volunteers, and elected officials. The diverse members share a common goal — bringing new investment and jobs to Texas. TEDC’s objective is to support the economic growth of Texas and develop strategies that promote a positive business climate in our state.

As a new TEDC board member, Jennette will be attending the TEDC’s 2013 board retreat in November, as well as several conferences throughout the year representing Little Elm.TEDC_Color